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Pet Photography Canberra

Instant and professional pet photography!

Do you want to upgrade your pet’s photographs beyond smartphone snaps? Or are you worried that your furry friend will not cooperate during a photoshoot? Coming across these questions is normal. However, you don’t have to bombard yourself with all these questions, as Images Instantly can provide you with professionally clicked pet photography in Canberra. We will capture every little moment and action of your furry friend and allow you to view them straight away!

Book our pet photography services in Canberra and get your beloved pet's photos instantly to cherish them fur-ever!


We build a great relationship with our customers and their furry friends

The expert photographers at Images Instantly have an abiding love for animals which helps them capture pet photography in Canberra with patience and creativity. The professionals are experienced in learning animal behaviour which helps them know how the animals react based on their environment. The observation skills of our professionals are what makes them one of the best in the business. Apart from the technicalities, our photographers are also great at building emphatic relationships with your pets. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your pet getting anxious during the shoot.

Professional Photography in Canberra

We understand that every animal is different, and thus they may react differently when taking a photograph. We also know that some animals may not react at all. However, you don’t have to worry about this; our experts know how to interact with your pets. We make sure that your pets are at ease and comfortable. This also increases the chance of getting a better shot. Additionally, our service spectrum goes beyond pet photography in Canberra and includes real estate photography, family photography, wedding photography, and so on.

Our photographers do more tasks than just capture pictures. These tasks include:

​Being quick when taking photographs

Dogs move very often and are often restless. Thus, to capture every moment, our professionals treat every shot as action. The photographers are also well-versed in their equipment, which enables them to capture perfect shots even if the animal is not still.

Great lighting

Our experts know how important lighting is when taking photographs. We also know that static lighting won’t work for every animal as the lighting should complement every animal’s fur colour.


High-quality editing


Editing plays a vital role in highlighting the subject of the photographs, i.e. your pets. The experts at Images Instantly are well-versed in all the latest techniques concerning editing. Thus, you need not worry about getting high-quality pet photography in Canberra.


Capturing professional images will no longer be an overwhelming task for you through Images Instantly. And as our name suggests, we will also provide you with high-quality images instantly. The photographs produced at Images Instantly are created through high-tech software, which enables us to deliver quality results.

Getting instant photographs of your pets will now be possible with Images Instantly. Apart from pet photography in Canberra, we also cover a range of industries, including social events such as weddings, corporate, schools, and so on.

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