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Canberra Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Professional Wedding Photography Instantly!

At Images Instantly, our photography services aren't just limited to weddings.

We're also professionals in family photo shoots, real estate photography, product & pets photo shoot, automotive, corporate photographers in Canberra and AUT region

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Are you sitting down for this? You might want to because this is an earth-shattering idea for anyone who is planning to get married. Wedding photography is a big deal, and it is a big part of every wedding. Like any events photography professional, you expect great images, but weddings are once in a lifetime memories. That means that getting great images of these moments isn't optional. Our team of trained photographers at Images Instantly understands that wedding photography is about more than pictures, it is about memories - and forever.

Now, the shocking part, imagine getting those very same wedding pictures the same day! No, not like later that afternoon or that evening. No, not as in they will be mailed out by the end of the day. We mean, right now. Can you see the two of you on your honeymoon, holding each other, going through the pictures of what just happened earlier that day? Maybe as the two of you sit on the airplane on a flight to your honeymoon destination - laughing, crying, and falling even deeper in love - looking over your wedding photos.

A Tale Through Our Lens: Beautiful Wedding Photography in Canberra

Weddings are the most special day in a couple’s life. And capturing these priceless moments is a must so that they can be cherished forever. With our wedding photography in Canberra, we like to weave a beautiful story through our captivating visuals by capturing emotional and candid moments. We aim to present every couple’s story in a cinematic way with our affordable wedding photography. 


At Images Instantly, our Canberra wedding photographers focus on capturing the hidden moments of love on your wedding day. Of course, we will capture the magical moment of the bride walking down the aisle or when the couple shares their first kiss. But what makes these happy moments even more beautiful are the silent moments of vulnerability - like when the bride sheds a few tears as she steps into her wedding gown or the deep sigh the groom takes before he steps onto the altar. Our wedding photographer ensures that every loud and quiet moment is captured diligently so you can relive your wedding day as you go through the photographs. 


And with our exceptional photography service, you won't have to endure a lengthy wait to get your hands on the photographs. We deliver high-quality wedding images to you instantly. Get them on your mobile in real-time, so you can live through the excitement of the day once more as soon as the party is over. 


If you’re looking for a Canberra wedding videographer or photographer, get in touch with us. 


Our Canberra Wedding Photographers Craft Timeless Love Stories

Getting married to the love of your life is a momentous occasion filled with happiness and love. So, it’s only natural to want to preserve these precious moments for eternity. As professional Canberra wedding photographers, our only aim is to enhance your special day, creating lasting memories you can cherish forever.


Wedding days often fly by in a blur, leaving couples with little time to truly absorb the significance of each moment. Within a mere blink of an eye, the ceremony, vows, and celebrations come to an end. Our wedding photography in Canberra is all about capturing the magic of your wedding day, preserving the heartfelt emotions that define it.


We take pride in freezing those priceless moments that make weddings so extraordinary. The groom's emotional reaction as he sees his bride walk down the aisle. The moment when the couple exchange rings. Their first kiss as newlyweds. The first dance during the reception. We focus on documenting each special moment in all its glory.

At Images Instantly, we view photographs as time capsules. They hold the power to transport us back in time, allowing us to relive cherished memories. With our affordable wedding photography services, you will receive your wedding photos on the same day.  Look over those special moments and fall in love all over again with your life partner.

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Top-Rated Canberra Wedding Photography 

Understanding that every couple has a distinct love story to tell, we aim to translate your vision into captivating photographs. We endeavour to narrate the unique story of each couple, capturing their love story in mesmerising visuals that tug at the heartstrings.


Our talented wedding photographers specialise in crafting stunning visual narratives celebrating your individuality. We go beyond merely capturing images; we create an artistic portrayal of your love, leaving you with a treasure trove of memories to cherish.


We empathise with couples who may feel camera-shy or stressed about obtaining the perfect shots. Our wedding portrait photographer knows how to alleviate that burden, allowing you to revel in the moment while we discreetly capture the magic around you. From candid glimpses of affection to grand celebratory moments, we ensure your wedding day is documented with authenticity and finesse.

Affordable Wedding Photography in Canberra 

Selecting the best for your wedding day is crucial, and our team at Images Instantly offers affordable wedding photography without compromising on quality. We have extensive experience in capturing beautiful frames for all types of family events, including wedding ceremonies. Our family photographer carries an unobtrusive presence that will blend seamlessly with your guests, ensuring minimal disruption as we create the most heartfelt and genuine images of your special day. 


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with unforgettable memories. By entrusting our professional team of Canberra wedding photographers, you can rest assured that these cherished moments will be beautifully preserved, ready to be cherished and shared for generations to come. Allow us to tell your love story through the art of photography, ensuring your wedding day lives on forever in captivating visuals.

Canberra Wedding Videographer Services 

Do you know what’s better than still photographs? Moving pictures! Yes, capture the grandeur and intimacy of your wedding day with Canberra wedding videographer services. Our photography and videography teams work together to capture the best and most beautiful moments from your wedding. From the first kiss to the first dance to the best man’s speech, you can relive it all as you watch your wedding video. 


A wedding is not easy to pull off. It takes months of planning and meticulous coordination, especially if you have a large number of guests. Our wedding videographer will focus on all the intricacies of the ceremony, capturing all the details you have spent countless hours obsessing over. Whether it is the yellow rose tucked into every bridesmaid’s hair or the blue butterfly charms placed on every reception table, we capture all of these details in our wedding video. 


Our Canberra wedding videographer focuses on the little moments that make the wedding uniquely yours. From the joyous laughter to the teary smiles, we capture all of the magic of your special day and then edit our film to create an intimate love story.


Capture Your Special Today with Images Instantly

Discover our affordable wedding photography and videography packages. Choose a package suitable to your budget and preferences. Our flexibility shines - we will customise a package that perfectly aligns with your vision and financial considerations.

We Guarantee Being Available

We guarantee being available to photograph on the date you need us. Once you book (no commitment needed), we'll be in contact to chat pricing and offer our best quote.


We know! What a great idea for event photography to wedding photography occasions, professional-level photography meets the technology of instant images. Talk about a marriage made in heaven. Speaking of marriages, do you have one on the horizon, are you planning a wedding sometime in the near future? Why should the bride and groom have to wait to see the forever they began? Who doesn't want to see that day, that dress, those images now?

If you have an event or wedding or any other need for a photographer, then we should talk. With our large team of trained photographers, we have photographers whose specialties cover everything from events, corporate engagements, studio work, and yes, marriages. Contact Images Instantly and let us show you a better type of photography company and a difference you will see - instantly.


Images Instantly provides packages of wedding photography and videography in Canberra and NSW that are customised to suit your requirements. 


For your comfort we have categorised wedding photographer packages as 


2 x Photographers on the day for up to 3 hours 


All post-production editing included 


All high resolution edited digital files


2 x Photographers on the day for up to 5 hours 


All post-production editing included 


All high resolution editing

Instant image delivery for the reception


Photographers up to 8 hours 


All post-production editing included 


All high resolution editing

Instant image delivery for the reception


We Also offer Canberra wedding videographer and photographer Royal Package which includes


2 Photographers & 1 videographer for 8 hours.                 

All post-production & high resolution edited digital files.

Instant image delivery for the reception​.

1 x 6 Minute Highlight Reel.

Use of aerial camera.

Full Reception Lighting Package.

Sparkler Inclusion.

BONUS: Dry ice special effect for the first dance

 3 hours of Instant Photobooth 

Full ceremony recording

Do we offer affordable wedding photography packages ?

Yes, we do offer affordable wedding photography packages. In fact we customise the packages as per your budget. We provide high quality images and best moments keeping in mind your expectations at the most reasonable price possible.

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