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Wedding Photography Checklist: Add Every Photo to Your Shot List

From the moment you exchange vows with your partner to the joyous dance floor moments shared with your friends and family, your wedding day is a beautiful canvas filled with precious memories you'll want to cherish forever. Long after the day is over, it's your wedding photographs that will transport you back to those priceless moments, keeping the essence of the celebration alive. It is important to have a wedding photography checklist to ensure that no memory goes undocumented.

While trusting your wedding photographer to capture the vital moments is good, you should still prepare a list of pictures for wedding day that you want to be captured. Developing a pictures list and sharing a checklist of must-have shots with your photographer is a win-win scenario: it guarantees that you get the photos you envisioned and provides your photographer with clear directions, making their task easier and more efficient.

Below, we have shared a comprehensive wedding shot list encompassing every significant detail of your wedding planning journey.

Detail Shots: Capturing the Essence

Your wedding details are more than just embellishments – they are symbolic representations of your relationship and lend your wedding its unique character. From the sparkle of your engagement and wedding rings to the intricacies of your stationery and the elegance of your accessories, every detail deserves to be preserved through the lens.

  • The engagement ring

  • The wedding rings

  • The ring box

  • The wedding invitation suite, including save-the-dates and envelopes

  • Venue shots

  • The bride’s wedding gown displayed on a hanger

  • Jewelry like earrings, bracelets, or necklaces

  • The bridal bouquet

  • The groom’s suit or tuxedo

  • Accessories like pocket squares, ties, bow ties, and cufflinks

  • Flower girl baskets

Getting-Ready Photos: Capturing the Anticipation

The moments leading up to your ceremony are brimming with excitement and the support of your loved ones. Your wedding shot list must include these candid, getting-ready moments that encapsulate the camaraderie and emotion of the pre-ceremony atmosphere.

  • The bride getting her hair and makeup done

  • The bride and bridesmaids sharing a toast or enjoying the moment

  • The bride getting dressed with her mother or maid of honour's assistance

  • A full-length shot of the bride in her wedding attire

  • The bride with her wedding party

  • The groom's pre-ceremony preparations, like putting on his tie or cufflinks

  • The groom getting ready alongside his groomsmen

  • A full-length shot of the groom in his wedding attire

  • A group photo of the groom and his groomsmen, dressed to impress

First Look Photos: Capturing Raw Emotions

The first look between the couple is an emotionally charged moment that deserves to be etched in time. These shots must capture the unfiltered reactions that unfold during this intimate encounter.

  • The groom's anticipation as he waits for the bride

  • The bride's elegant walk towards her groom

  • The tender embrace or kiss shared after the first look

  • Close-ups of the couple's gazes and expressions

  • Their hands intertwined in a moment of shared emotion

Ceremony Shots: Capturing the Essence of Union

The ceremony is the moment that months of planning have been building up to. The wedding photography checklist must include photographs showcasing the gravity and beauty of this milestone moment.

  • The ceremony setup devoid of guests

  • Close-ups of the altar arrangements

  • Guests seated, awaiting the ceremony

  • The parents of the couple walking down the aisle

  • The groom's entrance

  • The wedding party's procession

  • The flower girl and ring bearer's procession

  • The bride's graceful walk down the aisle

  • The groom's reaction upon seeing his bride

  • The father of the bride's emotional giving-away moment

  • The couple standing at the altar, ready to say their vows

  • A panoramic shot of the audience during the ceremony

  • The exchange of wedding vows

  • The exchange of rings

  • The first cherished kiss as a married couple

  • Candid shots that focuses on capturing the audience's reactions

  • The couple's departure from the ceremony venue

Portraits and Group Shots: Capturing Togetherness

With vows exchanged, it's time to capture the newlyweds' joy, love, and unity, as well as the cherished moments with family and friends.

  • Candid and posed shots of the couple together

  • Candid moments of the couple's interactions and glances

  • The bride with her parents

  • The groom with his parents

  • The couple with both sets of parents

  • The bride with her bridesmaids

  • The bride with her maid of honor

  • The groom with his groomsmen

  • The groom with his best man

  • The couple with their entire wedding party

Reception Photos: Capturing the Joyous Celebration

As the ceremony gives way to the celebration, these photos capture the heartwarming moments of joy, laughter, and celebration that define your reception.

  • Wide shots showcasing the reception space's ambience

  • The elegantly adorned head table

  • Guest tables capturing the atmosphere

  • The bustling bar area

  • Close-ups of table decorations, including table numbers and centerpieces

  • The glorious wedding cake

  • The couple's grand entrance to the reception

  • The enchanting first dance

  • The couple seated at the head table, immersed in each other's company

  • Delectable close-ups of the reception menu

  • Candid shots of heartfelt toasts and speeches

  • The couple's rapt attention during the toasts

  • The poignant father-daughter dance

  • The touching mother-son dance

  • The ceremonial cake-cutting

  • Shots capturing outfit changes and variations

  • The live band or DJ, setting the musical tone

  • Guests revelling on the dance floor

  • The couple dancing with their exuberant guests

  • Intimate moments of the bride and groom dancing together

  • The couple's departure from the reception, marking the close of the celebration

It is crucial to remember that your wedding shot list is a guide, not a stringent rule. Our Canberra wedding photographers are experienced and adept at spotting and capturing the most poignant moments. Trust their expertise, and this collaborative approach will bring out the best results.

To book us for your wedding photography, contact our team.

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