Picture this: Generation NEXT

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

On the 11th-13th of September 2019 Images Instantly will be partnering with Ausdance ACT in delivering brand awareness, via the medium of social photography for their much anticipated Youth Dance Festival titled 'Generation NEXT'.

Ausdance ACT's Youth Dance Festival 2019. Photographer: Angela Elgiva

Dance Fest provides a platform for young people to express their ideas and opinions, and have their voices heard through dance. The festival aims to provide positive life messages, to celebrate the young artists and their ideas through an inclusive and accessible dance and theatre environment; to remove the boundaries of judgment and empower young people to enjoy self expression through dance and movement. The festival provides opportunities for a diverse group of people to create and perform in a non-competitive, professional theatre environment. Whether it be onstage, backstage or in the rehearsal room, Dance Fest provides a platform for young people to come together and to learn.

Given the significance this festival plays in our community Images Instantly sought a partnership.

Jamie Winbank, Creative Director of the festival elaborated on the theme. "Every year, the creative team of Dance Fest provides the participants with a theme for the festival, a catalyst to begin their creative process. This year's theme 'Generation NEXT' explores ideas from the next generation of dancers and young artists coming through our Dance Fest stage doors, essentially how the young people of Canberra can have the capacity to be beacons of change through their own opinions, their own thoughts, ideas, and values expressed through dance".