Sidestage & Images Instantly partner.

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Sidestage Production Services is a local Canberra company providing a range of technical production services to the live entertainment industry. Their mission is to offer clients a competitive and professional all-in-one production solution.

Images Instantly captures professional images and delivers them instantly to our clients. From formals and fashion to sports and theatre photography we capture it all.

Terry Cunningham (Images Instantly Director), Beau Campbell (Photoghrapher), Craig Dear (Sidestage Director), Anna Davies (Sidestage Operations Manager).

Aside from an overlapping clientele, the overwhelming similarity behind Sidestage and Images Instantly is our mutual drive to take on challenges and offer unique solutions. It's this drive that has seen a partnership come to fruition.

You may ask, why is production relevant to photography? Effective production can completely transform an environment. You can take the most basic of spaces and completely revolutionise the look and feel of it with the addition of lighting, haze, special effects and more.