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Terry Cunningham:  Owner, Lead Photographer in Canberra

Director, Lead Photographer

M: 0412 621 533


Simplified in a sentence: 

Terry is one of the nicest people you'll meet. He'll do anything it takes to 'get that shot', if he's expertise doesn't amaze you - nothing will!



A people person, up for a laugh, incredibly smart.


Favourite moment to capture:

Anything that makes you go "wow".



Behind the name:

- Is a student of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography

- Obtians a diploma of photographic arts at CIT




Terry Cunningham is the founder and the lead photographer of Images Instantly in Canberra, Australia. Terry has been enjoying the art of photography for over 30 years now and has successfully established a business that helps people all across Canberra and surrounding areas. 


As a professional photographer in Canberra, Terry started his journey by photographing sports events. He captured the most ideal moments of talented disabled sports athletes and went on to do this for several years. He was also the professional event photographer for many other reputed sports events in Canberra. His journey as an event photographer in Canberra did not stop there.


Terry was soon hired as a professional event photographer by Canberra Hockey and Basketball ACT Gunners and Capitals. Terry’s work as a professional event photographer in Canberra opened up many doors as he proved to be one of the best in the game. He was soon offered professional photography gigs for several overseas sports events. 


Soon after his sports photography gigs, Terry decided to explore his adventurous side by deciding to travel the country and photograph off-road motorcycle tours in Australia. Unfortunately, he met with a motorcycle accident and was told that he will never be able to walk again. Art can do wonderful things and ignite passion and the soul to achieve great things that go beyond the human understanding of capabilities. 


Terry was back right after his recovery as one of the most legendary event photographers in Canberra

Terry’s Expertise: 


More than just a photographer, Terry is a Peoples’ Man and he loves to communicate, create stories, and capture them. Always up for a laugh, Terry will motivate you in different ways and his work will absolutely blow your mind. 


One of the most important things that photographers have, is the will to do anything and everything that will get them the perfect shot. No matter how long it may take. Terry is the epitome of professional awareness and is extremely committed to delivering images that adhere to the client’s requirements. No matter how long it may take, he will get it done! 


Terry prides himself in being able to capture the moments that it's forever cherished


His Work:


Terry is regarded as one of the best professional photographers in Canberra. His company is home to a highly qualified and skilled team of photographers in Canberra. 


Images Instantly not only offers Wedding photography, product photography, or real estate photography but also provides the best portrait photographer you could get your hands on in Canberra. Images Instantly also offer images right when it's clicked, on your smartphone, to skip the hassle of always having to wait for months until your photos arrive. Images Instantly by Terry has made sure that all of their customers receive their moments of happiness in a timely fashion! 


Terry’s story has inspired many to follow their passion but at the same time, he has successfully created a business that provides the best results and is loved by many! 

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