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Wedding Photography

Your Videos.

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Q: How do l access the footage?

A: Once you've purchased the footage you can start the download by clicking on the download link that is emailed to you. 

Q: How big is the download?

A: The download size varies, we highly recommend downloading the footage via a computer or laptop. You'll find the video in the download section of your computer's desktop.

- Make sure you have spare space on your computer

- Be connected to a steady and fast network (wired connection works best)

- Make sure to have your portable device plugged into power 


Q: Can l put the footage onto a USB or hard drive?

A: You sure can! The USB or hard drive may need to be programmed in 'EXFAT' to handle the large file size. 

Q: How long do l have to download the footage?

A: Once you've purchased you'll have 90 days and 10 different download attempts.

Q: If l need help, who do l contact?

A: We're standing by ready to assist if need be, our email address is: info@imagesinstantly, expect a response within 3 days. 

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