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Cheering for Charity.

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Who would have thought that through stunts and jumps much needed money for local Charities such as the Cerebral Palsy Alliance can be raised. The ACT Regional Cheerleading competition exists for this exact purpose.

Cheering for Charity
ACT Cheer Regional Event, Photographer: Beau Campbell

At the AIS Arena, on the 11th of August, Images Instantly supported this event by raising money, through the means of purchasable images, to go towards the events nominated Charities.

Cheering for Charity Photography Canberra
ACT Cheer Regional Event, Photographer: Beau Campbell

The event was coordinated by Renee Whiter, Belinda Dawson and Jacinda Fothergill-Stewart, three significant people within the Canberra Dance and Cheer industry. Renee elaborated on the significance of the events cause. "The event was started 10 years ago to raise funds for the ACT Cheer industry, from there we were able to assist Charities like the ones we are supporting today. It's beautiful to see young performers dedicating their passion of Dance and Cheer to raise money for causes on a local level".

Further to donating our time Images Instantly provided the event with a revolutionary approach to image delivery. Through the power of instant image technology Schools, Competitors and Parents were able to access personalised photo portals with real time image upload.

Cheering for Charity Photography
ACT Cheer Regional Event, Photographer: Beau Campbell

People received their photos as they were in the moment. "It's one of the powerful elements that we can facilitate" stated Beau Campbell, the attending photographer.

Images Instantly is proud to support events, like these, that give back to our community.

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